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These days just about every company relies on technology to not only run the business but to communicate with their customers, and to promote and sell their products online. IT Creations provides businesses around the world, with the advanced enterprise hardware they need to succeed and grow.

We specialize in high-end servers, professional workstations, and components from all the major manufacturers, including Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, and many others.

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Brent Crosby
Andrea at IT Creations worked tirelessly with me and my web folks to build a truly nice web server setup. Fully redundant by using two identical systems. Ended up being about 1/2 the cost of the equivalent new system from Dell, and there is still 1 year of next-day Dell warranty on these, in addition to the IT Creations 5-year warranty. Fantastic service on a great product.
Chris Nagel
Great company to work with. Fast service, shipping, and quality products. Andrea has been very helpful throughout.
Gerry Grijalva
I had been purchasing servers from IT Creations for about two years. Best Products and Customer Service, that SIMPLE. I highly recommend IT Creations and ask for Andrea, he will take care of you.
Heidi Ratini
Always great support and customer service, very responsive, our rep Gal is excellent and goes above and beyond to meet our requests!
Jeff Flohr
Comes through faster and with better prices than any other vendor. I refuse to buy from anyone else.
Joseph Beckerle
This is my second Dell sever from IT Creations and Andrea Cansirro is the best to work with. Great communication, great product and great pricing. I am a small business owner and growing. Thanks to IT Creations and Andrea, The financial burden of obtaining a powerful server is diminished and the warranty is fantastic. Looking forward to building my business and purchasing many computers from them.
Lynn Parrini Brennan
Gal is knowledgeable and responsive. The equipment comes in clean and accurate. Thanks Gal, You are the best!
Paul Provost
Thank you ITC for great service on giving me help giving my Mac Pro classic a new life. Awesome price on new CPUs. Follow up tech support, and great friendly staff. Look forward to doing business again getting refurb HP z840 when those start showing up!

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